I was snorkeling and a man was clearly in distress and could not get back to his boat. I was able to pull him back with the Torpedo and everyone believed he was saved by the Torpedo!

Debi Socias

My 2000 just came in this afternoon and with my son’s 16th birthday the Torpedo was a hit! This, I can tell is the first of several Torpedo’s we will be purchasing. Thanks for such a terrific product.

Tim Cottingham
Round Rock, Texas

I first tried [your DPV] on the TV show ‘Next Step’ at the Jupiter ship wreck. Since then, I have often used one on salvage and archaeological projects and swear by you magnetic switch. It’s the only one that doesn’t clog from sand, and is pretty much indestructible.

Steve Singer
Singer Marine Systems, Inc - Undersea Survey, Search & Salvage

We are delighted with your product and have found it very useful in pursuing our rapidly swimming study subjects, Angelfish. Before getting our first Torpedo, we were losing the fish, getting exhausted in the effort to follow them, or using up our air supply sooner than we desired. We recommend you product whenever we can. Keep up the good work in producing Torpedo!

Sally E Bauer
Bauer Aquarium Supplies

I am so happy to finally proudly posses one of you awesome DPV units

Michael T. Blumin

After riding and experimenting with most of the recreational units on the market I have found the Torpedo extremely fun to ride.
I enjoy many of the unique features on the Torpedo. Its on-off magnetic switch is a great design and appreciated when riding for more that just a minutes. Another nice feature is that the unit only has one, user-serviceable O-ring and that the motor is completely sealed.
Congratulations on the development of a fine product.

Bob Wohlers, Vice President Educational Product Development
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

Thanks for the prompt service!!! You guys were way ahead of your time inventing this great DPV. In the world of business you hear more about went wrong than what went right, keep up the great work!

Randy Hildebrant

I have used the Torpedo in a quarry to about 90 feet ten times, and then this past weekend it went on 5 dives off North Carolina to about 140 feet. If the unit can survive my activities then it has to be pretty tough.

Mike Moore

Last summer, while on assignment in Australia I got a chance to use one of your Torpedo DPV’s. The owner had been very hard on the unit, not even rinsing it after his dives. It has sat around for a couple years without use. He said if I could make it work I could take it with me on my dive trip. I cleaned it up, recharged the batteries and got a new o-ring. With very little effort the unit was like new again. It was one of the best working, most reliable DPV’s I’ve ever used.

Mike Hurley, Photographer
Sport Diver, Dive Training and Dive Travel Magazines

This summer we are making another video for TV. Your Torpedo will be in it. This is by far better than the others. I know because I have used them all.

Capt. Carl Fismer
Spanish Main Treasure Company

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