Even our competitors have to admit…

The Torpedo ranks higher than other DPVs in many important ways, according to a product evaluation and marketing review report performed by Diving Science & Technology on behalf of one of our competitors. Read a few excerpts:

  • “…The Torpedo, for example, clearly has a marketing advantage when issues of speed, power and “machismo” are emphasized.”
  • “…Based on test results, the Apollo AV-1 and the Torpedo have been identified as the main competitors for the SEA-DOO Seascooter VS SUPERCHARGED. Test results indicate that the Apollo and the Torpedo performed well for topside criteria, though the weight and bulk of the Apollo was a serious weakness. The simple secure closure of the Torpedo was also [sic] marked advantage in terms of design. In addition, in speed tests conducted, the SEA-DOO was less than half as fast as the fastest unit (Torpedo), and speed has been shown to be a main factor in the purchase of a DPV among young males.”
  • “…Testers particularly liked the speed, power and maneuverability of both the Apollo and the Torpedo.”
  • “…In fact, the SEA-DOO was less than half as fast as the fastest unit (Torpedo).”
  • Torpedo:
    This unit was generally well regarded by divers due to its perceived durability, simplicity of access plus security of the battery compartment, speed, maneuverability, and solid over all performance. The main negative issue was the size and weight of the unit, but this was not viewed as a major problem compared to three of the other four test units.”

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